I Have a Blog? Ooooh yeah...

Well...This last year and a half has definitely been something. Lots of growth, adventure, fun, laughter, tears, and of course, music. For whatever reason,  I was in a particularly artistic mood the other day. Sitting by the window with fresh coffee, listening to opera and studying expressionism, taking ukulele study breaks...It was really quite marvelous - you should have been there! But any-who, this random little blog of mine came back into my consciousness. It just hit me outta the blue..,"WHOA. Mimi, you had a music blog once, remember? That lovely little place where you went to vent out everything your artistic little heart wanted to say? Why did you stop?" As with all great hobbies, my writing fell by the wayside to the business of life. Working three jobs, and trying to finish a Masters degree, while keeping my sanity intact has been a tall order. (although the jury's still out on whether or not the sanity actually stayed around...whoops)

So, I pulled up this blog and began to re-read the thoughts of myself, one year back. Amazingly, even after only one year, I've changed as a musician. I don't entirely agree with what I wrote back then anymore. Funny how quickly one can mature in their thinking. Another observation from re-reading old posts; the grammar. YIKES. Just keep breathing and keep in mind that I'm a musician, not an English Teacher. I also rarely proof-read my word-stream, if ever. What comes out is what you get, albeit much wordier than I how I really speak. Also, the vocabulary is far superior to what I say during the day to day crunch. Reading old posts = whoa who swallowed a dictionary? Reality = Dude is every other word.

I briefly thought of deleting them, but then decided against it. Sure, there are errors, things I'd change knowing what I know now, but the past is not something to be ashamed of. We're all growing with each day; we fall sometimes, but we learn from these mistakes. So, I'm gonna leave them up, because that's my history. And now - onto the future! I hope to start writing again, maybe just once a week. It helps me better understand my profession, and my life, and hopefully gives you a little something to ponder on as well. Here's to 2014! What music will you bring me...?

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