Rhythmic Peeve...

Soo, how are your rhythms coming along? Hopefully well! If there are coming along well, you can help soothe one of my biggest pet peeves. I couldn't help but be reminded of this as I spent the last post talking about rhythms.

As a musician, some things in life are ruined for you. Listening to the radio, you can hear every layer in the music. Simple harmonies and bad singing techniques which bother no one else, bother you. Going to a concert can be even worse. Your trained ear can tell that the guitar is a half-pitch flat in relation to the piano, but again, no one else even notices. It grates on you through every song. But above all this, one thing in particular kills me at every rock concert I go too. Clapping to the beat. Rock stars love to get everyone clapping to the beat of their big hit. It's fun audience participation, and most people have no trouble locking their ears into the the throbbing bass as it steadily pounds the beat out for them. Only problem, is that one person always manages to miss it. Despite the throbbing bass, they decide to let their clap float off into it's own aimless rhythm.

Most people clap:1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4........but off to the side you hear one person go: 1-2-3-4, 1--2-3--4, 1---2---3-----4.......and something inside musician me dies a tragic little death.

Does it bother them? No, they usually don't even notice that they have strayed. Does it bother the red-headed musician sitting one row behind them? YES...it bothers her to death. She, and all the others around can hear the beat, so why do you insist on trying to add a new one?

This my friends, is another reason why having a good sense of rhythm can be important, even if you're not a professional musician. It will greatly alleviate the stress of musicians around you, and potentially save your life from my death glare. More on Rhythm to come, but for now, I hope you enjoyed this public service announcement about rhythmic clapping in crowds.

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