Looks like an Artist

If you ask any of my close friends about my fashion sense, they will say that it's definitely different. Very bold and colorful but classy (at least I think so!). A bit quirky, fun and off-beat too. I'm a born Thrifter, as I love to spend hours sifting through Goodwill stores to find something slightly different or unique. With my red hair and hipster specs that I often wear, my friends also enjoy making comparisons to Hipster Ariel...

But what, you may ask, does any of this blabber have to do with music? Isn't that what I usually rant about? Well, I was having a rather nice vacation with an artist friend of mine and she mentioned something in passing that made me think. She casually mentioned how she, as an artist who brings beauty to others, sometimes feels more desire to be beautiful herself. When your main job in life is opening the eyes of the world to beauty, it's kind of natural to hope to inspire this beauty also in how you appear.  She worded it much better than I have, but the sentiment is something I have also experienced. Whether it's painting or music, if you dedicate your life to bringing these types of beauty to others, it does pressure you to bring beauty through other modes of your life. Fashion easily becomes another source of creative output.

So, many artists end up being artistic too in how they dress themselves, wearing different clothes that capture attention. I'm sure you've seen this happen in some of your "artsy" friends. Many of them have unique styles that break away from cookie-cutter norms. Just as the art-forms we pursue bring inspiration and joy, so can our style reflect that as well, even when we're not singing or painting. The duty of the artist as herald of beauty, doesn't need to stop when we go off duty.

Next time your eye is caught by an artist with sweet style, maybe take a moment to appreciate how they're fashionably inspiring the world. That artist is living out their vocation of beauty in a small, everyday way by being creative in how they "paint" themselves...plus, maybe we just really like looking good.

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